As it gets colder it’s time to start winterizing.

Whether we are ready to admit it or not, it is getting to be that time of year again.  Winter is just around the corner with its freezing temperatures, its icy roads, and its blowing snowstorms.  As hard as the cold weather is on us, we can come indoors, wrap in a blanket and drink some hot chocolate.  Unfortunately our cars do not have that luxury.  But this time of year we expect our cars to function better than any other time.  There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road in a broken down vehicle in a blizzard.

Now is the time to prepare your vehicle for the winter.  The cold weather is tough on your car.  Things that work just fine now can really struggle when the temperature drops below freezing.  Winterizing your vehicle will ensure that you make it home safe and sound.

After being in business nearly 40 years, we have learned what should be done to winterize a vehicle and how best to take care of your car.  You will be surprised just how affordable this service really is.

Here are some of the things we recommend should be checked before winter really hits:

  • Your Heater – Is it working properly?  Is it blowing as hot as it can?   Is there anything loose or faulty?  Not only is it nice to feel warm, this can also be a matter of life and death.
  • Your Windshield Wipers & Wiper Fluid – Oh the glorious salt!  We love how it helps melt the snow and ice on the roads but we hate what it does to our cars.  Having us check and possibly fix/fill these will help you cut through the snowflakes that are soon to fall and the salt that builds up on our windshields.
  • Tire Pressure – Ensuring that your tires have the right pressure will not only improve your gas mileage but it will also keep you safe on the slippery, icy Utah roads.
  • Belts and Hoses – Many of these are made of rubber and plastic. They have been baking in the sun this summer and are about to endure fridgid conditions as well.  The extremes of Utah weather, although beautiful, can be the quick end of belts and hoses.  Bring your car in to Bill’s Auto Service and we will check to make sure they are all in good working order and replace those that need changing before it is too late.
  • Battery – The cold weather is particularly tough on batteries.  We hear from many customers that their car would be fine one day and the next it wouldn’t start at all.  Have us check your battery for you.
  • Get an Oil Change – Not only will your car thank you, the right kind/weight of oil can make a huge difference in the performance of your vehicle this time of year.
  • Prepare an Emergency Kit – This does not need to be fancy or cost a lot of money.  It can simply be a bottle of water, another warm blanket and some Band-Aids. The more you can pack into your first aid kit, the more chance you will have of survival in case of an emergency.

At Bill’s Auto Service, we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and their needs, even before the need arises.  We encourage you to bring your vehicles in today for our15% off winterizing special promotion.  All you need to do is mention that you read this article to claim your discount.  Don’t procrastinate, winterize today!

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